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Eswatini National Standards (SZNS)

Eswatini national standard is a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purposes (ISO definition).

National Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications may be prepared and published When the subject in question is still under development or where for any other reason there is the future but not immediate possibility of an agreement to publish a national Standard,


Publicly Available Specification (PAS)

A Publicly Available Specification or PAS is a standardization document that closely resembles a formal standard in structure and format but which has a different development model. The objective of a Publicly Available Specification is to speed up standardization. PASs are often produced in response to an urgent market need.

A PAS may be an intermediate specification, published prior to the development of a full National Standard, or, publication published in collaboration with an external organization. It is a document not fulfilling the requirements for a standard.


National Technical Reports

A National Technical Report is a document that is entirely informative in nature and does not contain matter implying that it is normative.