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SZNS 001 Stanadrds of standards - The development of Eswatini National Standards and other normative documents

This document has been developed to ensure that SWASA standards development procedures are in line with the principles defined in Annex 3 of the WTO/TBT Agreement (“Code of good practice for the preparation, adoption and application of Standards”), itself based upon the latest version of ISO/IEC Guide 59 (E) Code of good practice for standardization. The TBT “Code of good practice” establishes a framework for the process that needs to be followed in accordance with these rules and forms the basis of approval of documents as national standards.

Annex 3: Code of Good Practice for the Preparation, Adoption and Application of Standards

This Code is open to acceptance by any standardizing body within the territory of a Member of the WTO, whether a central government body, a local government body, or a non-governmental body; to any governmental regional standardizing body one or more members of which are Members of the WTO; and to any non-governmental regional standardizing body one or more members of which are situated within the territory of a Member of the WTO (referred to in this Code collectively as “standardizing bodies” and individually as “the standardizing body”).

The Eswatini National Standardizations Strategy (ENSS)

The ENSS provides strategic direction and an action plan for SWASA to deliver standards based on national policy objectives as described in the National Regulatory and Quality Policy (2010), it however places these actions in the context of recent developments, impacts and trends that are affecting industry and policy makers in Eswatini.


All participants in the SWASA standardization activities shall respect the ISOcopyright  and other international standardization bodies publications and drafts developed, as well as of any content submitted to SWASA.

Procedures for STCP

Applying to be a TC Member Procedure for any Interested Stakeholder / Public -  Application Stage  

Public Review Commenting Procedure for External Stakeholders / Public - Public Review Stage  

Committee Stage - Commenting & Voting Procedure for TC Members - Committee Stage  

Work Instructions for Voting Procedure for TC Members - Voting Stage