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SECTOR 4 - Food and AgricultureTC 41 - Food Quality Testing
Secretory: Milagrosa Mondlane
Chairperson: Phillip Mndawe

This document constitutes a general introduction to the methodology of sensory analysis and should be read before undertaking the more detailed test procedures described in other International Standards. It covers the general area of methodology and is intended to fulfil the following functions to provide a brief background of the essential features of methods of sensory analysis for the user of specific tests, to provide details of general requirements, procedures and interpretation of results common to all or most tests, to provide sufficient guidance on requirements, procedures and interpretation of results for the different specific tests to allow choice of the most appropriate procedure(s) for solution of a particular problem.

Title of draft standards Stage Reference standard ICS classification
Codex general standard for contaminants and toxins in food and feed 04.00CODEX STAN 193-199567.060
Name Surname Organisation