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SECTOR 7 - Electrical and Mechanical EngineeringTC 17 - Road Vehicles
Secretory: Nikita Hlophe
Chairperson: Phillip Mndawe
Title of draft standards Stage Reference standard ICS classification
National colour standard for paint (road signs).04.00SANS 1091:2012 27.060.20
High penetration – resistance laminated safety glass for windows vehicles.04.00SANS 1191: 201343.080.99
Braking system of motor vehicles & trailers with or without bodywork, having a maximum design speed exceeding 35 km/h & intended for use on public roads.04.00SANS 1207: 199843.040.40
Road tank vehicles for petroleum – based flammable liquids04.00SANS 1398: 199423.040.70
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