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SECTOR 7 - Electrical and Mechanical EngineeringTC 17 - Road Vehicles
Secretory: Nikita Hlophe
Chairperson: Garry Thomas

Standardization concerning compatibility, interchangeability and safety, with particular reference to terminology and test procedures (including the characteristics of instrumentation) for evaluating the performance of the following types of road vehicles and their equipment as defined in the relevant items of Article 1 of the convention on Road Traffic, Vienna in 1968 concluded under the auspices of the United Nations: motor cycles, motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, light trailers, combination vehicles and articulated vehicles. This International Standard is applicable to heavy-duty road vehicle engines subject to regulations as regards their exhaust emissions at the time of their certification. Mopeds, motorcycles, passenger cars and non-road vehicles are not within its scope.

Title of draft standards Stage Reference standard ICS classification
National colour standard for paint (road signs).04.00SANS 1091:2012 87.040
High penetration – resistance laminated safety glass for windows vehicles.04.00SANS 1191: 201343.020
Braking system of motor vehicles & trailers with or without bodywork, having a maximum design speed exceeding 35 km/h & intended for use on public roads.04.00SANS 1207: 199843.020
Road tank vehicles for petroleum – based flammable liquids04.00SANS 1398: 199413.300
Name Surname Organisation
Mhlonipheni MsibiMsibiEDSOIA
EmmanuelDlaminiRoyal Eswatini Police Services
WonderboyMotsaMawandla Driving Academy
GcinaMavimbelaUniversity of Eswatini
Muzi MaphangaRoad Transportation Department
GarryThomasStar Paint Pty Ltd
MandlaMatsenjwaEswatini Driving Schools Owners Instructors Association (EDSOIA)