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SECTOR 1 - General and Service StandardsTC 35 - Security Services
Secretory: Nikita Hlophe
Chairperson: Phillip Mndawe

The use of private security companies (PSCs) came into the public eye. A number of incidents, including alleged involvement in the deaths of innocent civilians and the use of unnecessary force and torture, led many to believe such companies were operating outside the rule of law. Responding to this challenge, a new ISO project committee has started work on an international framework to help the industry adopt good practice and improve accountability. Private security services are called on primarily to protect people and property in countries where protection provided by the state is deficient, or when disaster or conflict makes heightened security necessary. Governments, however, make up only a third of the clients in the sector. Non-governmental organizations, private enterprises (particularly the extractive industries of oil, gas and mining), transport companies, even aid and development agencies, also hire PSCs to help protect people and property on the ground. In countries of weakened governance where local security, such as the police force, cannot guarantee protection, the use of PSCs can be a necessary alternative.

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