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SECTOR 5 - Chemicals and TextilesTC 22 - Fertilizer
Secretory: Milagrosa Mondlane
Chairperson: Phillip Mndawe

Compound fertilizer is the fertilizer having a declarable content of the two or more primary plant nutrients (nitrogen and/or phosphorus and/or potassium), obtained chemically or by blending, or both. Since the 1930s, the increase of crop yield has relied heavily on the amount of fertilizer usage and the development of fertilizer industry. Compound fertilizer attracted more and more attention since it can enhance the efficiency of fertilizer, simplify the fertilization procedure, and reduce the frequency of fertilization. Since the 1980s, compound fertilizers have been wildly used. This international standard specifies general requirements for testing methods, sampling and preparation of test sample, marking and labelling as well as package, transport and storage of compound fertilizers. This standard is applicable to inorganic solid compound fertilizers. Controlled-release compound fertilizer should also follow the relevant international standard.

Title of draft standards Stage Reference standard ICS classification
Name Surname Organisation
Simangele Colile Ngwenya Ministry of Agriculture