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SECTOR 7 - Electrical and Mechanical EngineeringTC 45 - Lifts, Escalators
Secretory: Nikita Hlophe
Chairperson: Phillip Mndawe

Standardization of terminology, ratings, general principles (technical performance requirements and risk assessment), safety requirements, test methods, maintenance and operation for elevating work platforms used to raise (elevate) and position personnel (and related work tools and materials) to a work position where a work task is to be performed. It specifies the safety requirements for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) with guardrail systems. It is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 16368. It is applicable to such MEWPs designed for applications requiring special access to specific work areas. These MEWPs can be either self-propelled or manually propelled and are used to elevate personnel to a level at which they can place, install or retrieve objects or material on a routine basis. To facilitate operator access to the work area, the retraction of a portion of the MEWP's work platform guardrail system(s) can be necessary. The object of this International Standard is to define rules for safeguarding persons and objects against the risk of accident associated with the operation of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). MEWPs are assemblies of one or more sub-assemblies produced by one or more manufacturers. A MEWP is the product of activities that include design, production and testing, as well as the provision of information on the MEWP itself. This International Standard does not repeat all the general technical rules applicable to every electrical, mechanical or structural component. Its safety requirements have been drawn up on the basis that MEWPs are periodically maintained according to given instructions, working conditions, frequency of use and national or other regulations. It is assumed that MEWPs are checked for function before start of work, whether used daily or seldom used, and are not put into operation unless all the required control and safety devices are available and in working order. Where, for clarity, an example of a safety measure is given in the text, it is not intended as the only possible solution. Any other solution leading to the same risk reduction is permissible if an equivalent level of safety is achieved.

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