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SECTOR 5 - Chemicals and TextilesTC 21 - Detergents, Soaps and Cleaners
Secretory: Milagrosa Mondlane
Chairperson: Phillip Mndawe

Accurate sampling is a difficult operation which requires much care. When it is necessary to obtain statistically valid information about a product, it is essential that the procedures de-scribed in this International Standard are followed. The manufacturer's responsibility for the satisfactory quality of a batch of product can only be established at the time of manufacture. This International Standard describes the general techniques of taking and preparing samples of soaps and detergents, for use in conjunction with a previously established sampling plan. This International Standard is only applicable during manufacture of soaps and detergents and only at the time of packaging (small and large packages) and it does not apply when a standard has been elaborated for a specific product. In the case of individual packages, this International Standard defines the techniques of preparing a bulk sample and a final sample.

Title of draft standards Stage Reference standard ICS classification
Hand Sanitizers (Alcohol based) - Specification 04.00ARS 1470: 201971.100.40
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